Bourses postdoctorales IASH pour d\'excellents chercheurs étrangers en Israël

IASH Postdoctoral Fellowships for Excellent Foreign

Researchers in Israel

February 2020
The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce that two-year postdoctoral fellowships for excellent foreign researchers will be awarded for the amount of 157,000.00 NIS (at the exchange rate of 3.45 NIS per USD) per year. The fellowships will be awarded to outstanding scholars in the fields of natural sciences, exact sciences, medicine,
life sciences and engineering.
The IASH will fund half each fellowship per year. The recipient researcher will receive at least half of the fellowship in matching from the hosting university.
Universities are encouraged to raise the fellowships even higher, so as to make it considerably superior to the standard postdoc fellowship, which will accentuate the excellence of awardees.

Researchers who fulfil all of the following 3 conditions qualify:
1. The fellowships are limited to researchers in the natural sciences, exact sciences, medicine, life sciences and engineering.
2. Candidates should be foreign (non-Israeli) citizens who reside abroad at the time of submission and should be no more than 6 months in Israel when they begin their fellowships.
3. Candidates may be no longer than 4 years after attaining their PhD at the time of application (not including maternity leave).
Material required for submission:
1. Letter of request for the fellowship by the candidate – in English, printed on maximum
2 pages, font size 12 pts., line spacing 1.5
2. Letter of commitment from the host researcher in Israel - in English, printed on formal university stationery, maximum 2 pages
3. A formal letter of commitment of the host university to cover the matching
4. CV and list of publications (list only), including journal rankings and impact factors
5. Two letters of recommendation only, up to 2 pages each
6. Short work plan (2 pages)
All the material should be sent in one PDF file. No hard copy is necessary.


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